Police State

MadisonPoliceIn the wake of recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, there has been much discussion of the militarization of law enforcement agencies in the United States. While some reports have focused on the delivery of military-grade equipment to local police departments, TBQ writer Dvora Meyers asked an interesting question: How large are US police forces compared with other nations’ militaries? Keep reading →

Cuomo’s Casinos: Bad Politics, Bad Economics

cuomoGovernor Andrew Cuomo has put himself in a no-win position. He has embraced the clamor for upstate casinos and the promise of the slot machine as a means of economic development in the state’s depressed regions. Casinos played a prominent role in the development plan he unveiled in his otherwise outstanding 2013 State of the State address. Compounding that error, Cuomo recently declared that he wants to keep politics out of the process of deciding where the casinos will go.

If the plan to sprinkle casinos across upstate New York proceeds, it will be a black mark on Cuomo’s resume. Casinos represent only a mirage of growth. And there is absolutely no way politics can—or should—be removed from the planning process. Keep reading →