A Blazing Twilight

Teddy_Roosevelt_portraitColonel Roosevelt by Edmund Morris; Random House, 2010; 784 pp.

Rare is the subject whose life becomes more interesting after two terms as President of the United States. Theodore Roosevelt, however, was an exceptional man indeed. Preferring to carry the honorific that recalled his charge up San Juan Hill in 1898, he enjoyed incarnations as a hunter and explorer, lecturer, campaigner, progressive reformer, and founder of America’s last significant third political party, all while maintaining his profession as a prolific man of letters.

Colonel Roosevelt, the third of Edmund Morris’ exhaustive and outstanding trilogy (the Pulitzer-winningThe Rise of Theodore Roosevelt and Theodore Rex were published in 1979 and 2001, respectively), details the final decade of Roosevelt’s life. It is the apt culmination of a staggering amount of research, compiled and spun into wonderful prose that keeps its reader engaged throughout. Keep reading →