This site is a repository for my writing–stuff that originally lived elsewhere and stuff that is original to this site. Each article is tagged under a category listed in the tab above as well as the list below. Some are cross-tagged. Enjoy (or don’t, and leave a comment)!

Reviews — Books, movies, TV documentaries, etc. Sometimes a continuation of an exchange.

Data & Maps — May be mainly text or totally devoid of text, but either way are based on statistics and visualizing data.

Housing & Planning — Housing policy, zoning, economic development, and so on.

Sports — Closer to “sports policy” than “how the Giants are doing this season.”

Transportation — Public transit, safer streets, infrastructure investment.

Guns — Mostly older pieces about gun control and gun violence in America.

Needless to say, any original writing on this site represents only my opinions and not those of my other affiliations. For more about me, see here. You can also find me on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn.